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New Noise

Porcelain Pale ‘Alma Martyr’

Porcelain Pale develop as a band and in sound on their latest release “Alma Martyr.”

Best Of

Best Of 2016

Last year proved to be the start of individualizing artists’ identities. While it’s truly impossible to list the best of every artist, here is our version of the “Best Of 2016.”


The Up&Up Studio: The Art of Freedom

Art Zavala Jr, Dominic Reyes, and Anthony Reyes, hail as the collective behind The Up&Up, and ultimately some of the pioneers aiding the building of a bridge into a stronger era of artists working together. Constantly working, from day-jobs to editing at the studio, the self-funded project strains not for recognition, and stays true to the relentless adage; actions speak louder than words.