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Illsamar ‘On My’

Illsamar takes you on a ride through her mind with humble beginnings and a clean hip-hop core with her latest track “On My.”


Astro Traveling with K-HAM CA

Ontario-based producer/rapper/poet Khadeem Hamilton, known artistically as K-HAM CA  released his latest mixtape titled ASTRO TRAVELING 2 in May 2017. Like his earlier projects released between 2011 and now, this latest collection of songs has a mature sound and you can tell Khadeem has studied his hip-hop history, […]

Monday Quick Picks: Hip-Hop and Rap

It’s Monday! Don’t worry, here’s a quick pick of 5 rap tracks that will help you get through the end of the day. Persia Grai “Calabasas” Prod. False Ego – “And pain is no excuse to waste life”- Detroit artist Persia Grai recollects struggles in his life and through […]

Kulture ‘Pass You By’

Houston based hip-hop artist Keshav Kumar, better known as Kulture, lays an old school feel production based track with anger, motivation, and hope for the hip-hop scene. Kulture and his values, which strive for merging “all aspects of musical expression without geographical discrimination,” is an admirable approach as an artist. With […]

TruthCity ‘Changes’

Originally from Virgina, Hip-Hop artist TruthCity, and his track “Changes” goes through the motions of life, desire, and relocating to New York to make it in the music scene. As the song progresses, TruthCity’s strenuous moments in time are resurfaced, such as sleeping in the back of restaurants, […]

Must Hear: Robert Blue Moon ‘Cosmos’

Reminiscent of an early Lupe Fiasco track, Robert Blue Moon glides into our hearts with his track “Cosmos.” Hailing from a group of musical geniuses from Orlando, known as Crvscxnt Moon, Robert Blue Moon shines with his single, to later follow with his debut EP, Plexus Solair.  Fusing a self-proclaimed “intergalactic” […]