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Discover: Rock From Mexico

Mexico brings us their best. People, ideas, support, and most of all music. Discover all ranges of Rock from Mexico City to Guadalajara. Love goes out to all those who were effected by the devastating quake that struck September 19th. If you’d like to contribute wherever you may […]

TATRAN ‘The Elephant’

Israel trio, TATRAN, continue their momentum with their video for Teder.fm featuring a live performance of “The Elephant,” taken from their 2015 album Soul Ghosts. If unfamiliar with TATRAN, they cannot be easily described, but can easily be enjoyed. Their last album, No Sides (2017), continued their instrumental bliss […]

Zita ‘Deep Inside’

Hungarian artist Zita returns with an equally impressive instrumental piece that once again meshes tropical dance and electronic vibes with her powered violin. “Deep Inside” acts as a reassuring anthem for the day with echoing notes that closes each cycle, just like Summer to Fall. The track opens with […]

Discover: Unhand ‘Part Two’

Aiming to be solely known for the music, unknown U.K. Producer, Unhand, steps into the musical realm with his EP, Weak to Week, which consists of 9 tracks that bleed into various genres. The musical range on the EP highlights Unhand’s influences and direction of voice, which is exciting […]

New Noise [Hip-Hop and R&B]: Best This Week

With everything that is happening in the world, sometimes music expresses it better than anything else. Here’s the best conscious hip-hop, and R&B tracks we got in this week that hits home. Same ol’ reviews, compiled in a neat playlist for our readers on the go. Des Brennan […]

Discover: Zita ‘For You’

Hungarian songwriter and violinist, Zita, steps into the limelight with a fresh single “For You,” and opens the senses to a colorful array of sounds. Inspired heavily by Kygo, and his atmospheric and electronic sound, Zita utilizes her influences and creates her own brand. Opening with a mildly tropical […]

The Unnecessary List of Artists That Should Be Heard: Kusanagi, Chelsea Wolfe, Magic Castles and More

Kusanagi “Space Blood- Animal House 4_Animal Rights Pay Day” – Instant love. Liverpool gents deliver instrumental music at it’s finest. Definitely an artist to check out.   Magic Castles “Death Dreams” –  Dreamy, psych revival band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. From an older album in 2012, “Death Dreams” were one of […]

Uninterrupted – Blended By Vitamin D

Seamlessly blended together, Uninterrupted (July,2015), lives up to its name- blended by Cold Busted founder, Vitamin D- fuses 50 tracks for an 80 minute mix of  diverse beats, cut and mixed effortlessly. Divided into two parts, each selection of craft  perfected by a trained ear, and when played together, there isn’t a hiccup […]