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Artist Spotlight: Flames of Durga

Named for the warrior goddess from Hindu theology, Flames of Durga is  Los Angeles-based rock trio. Identical twins Beah and Ceci Romero supply vocals, guitar and bass with percussion by their bandmate Nate Million. Flames of Durga’s music is comparable to a number of legendary acts like the […]

Video Premiere: Spare Parts for Broken Hearts ‘Ever’

Set in the ruins of what was once life, Long Beach-based rock trio Spare Parts for Broken Hearts, revisit lingering haunts aimed to pursue self-worth through aggressive destruction in their fresh video for the track “Ever,” via PLAG Records. Drenched in their environment and representing the post-sludge influential sound […]

Lonely Bones ‘City Where You Sleep’

This song makes you feel all the past pain you experienced when you had your heart-broken into a million pieces. Driving around in the same city where you both used to live together. It’s raw, honest and beautifully tragic. Saying goodbye is so difficult but letting go of […]