Tag: grunge

Miya Folick ‘Give It To Me’

There’s a sense of completion and almost spiritual resolution found within Miya Folick and her latest video for the track “Give It To Me.” Prominently drenched in 90s alternative rock, the track itself builds against heavily distorted guitar chords while Folick’s strenuous sirens and fierce execution throughout the chorus […]

Artist Spotlight: Flames of Durga

Named for the warrior goddess from Hindu theology, Flames of Durga is  Los Angeles-based rock trio. Identical twins Beah and Ceci Romero supply vocals, guitar and bass with percussion by their bandmate Nate Million. Flames of Durga’s music is comparable to a number of legendary acts like the […]

Video Premiere: Spare Parts for Broken Hearts ‘Ever’

Set in the ruins of what was once life, Long Beach-based rock trio Spare Parts for Broken Hearts, revisit lingering haunts aimed to pursue self-worth through aggressive destruction in their fresh video for the track “Ever,” via PLAG Records. Drenched in their environment and representing the post-sludge influential sound […]

Lonely Bones ‘City Where You Sleep’

This song makes you feel all the past pain you experienced when you had your heart-broken into a million pieces. Driving around in the same city where you both used to live together. It’s raw, honest and beautifully tragic. Saying goodbye is so difficult but letting go of […]