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New Noise: Friday Feelings

SAÍGO “The Other” – Didn’t think it was possible for SAÍGO to create anything as memorable, creative, and beautiful as his debut track “So Natural,” yet the Los Angeles producer-singer pushed the threshold yet again with his latest single “The Other.” Stemming from a bed of an electronic production, […]

Breakfast Blend: Female Fronted R&B Fusion

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Introducing “Breakfast Blend” part of our Discover section. Quick picks to start your day off daily, each serving up a specific flavor. Enjoy! Katie Cunningham “Keep it to Yourself” – Los Angeles artist, Katie Cunningham releases her debut single […]

Midnight Mood: Indie

Indie. Any way you cut it, or add to it, the feel is the same. Here’s the Top 5 that we’re vibing to for Midnight Mood. Lost Woods “Billy Zane“-  Another great Australian artist comes to us from Adelaide by the name of Lost Woods. Peter White, Brayden Leske, […]

Discover: The Latest in Funk/Dance

Jean Tonique brings disco and funk infusion in his latest EP release. Lead single “Lit Up“ is a feel-good funk anthem reminiscing on good vibes, accompanied by solid vocals courtesy of Canadian trio Dirty Radio. “Fallin’“  boasts Tonique’s production skills layering piano synths, a bubbly bass line, and […]

Electric Soul: A Look Into The UK’s Emerging Music Scene

The combination of R&B/soul music paired with quality electronic production has created a unique presence in the UK music scene. Here’s a look at some of the musicians defining the sound. Zak Abel Zak Abel “Everybody Needs Love” SG Lewis x Zak Abel “Higher Ground” With a voice beyond his years, Zak Abel poses as the next big thing coming out of the UK. In his most recent single “Everybody Needs Love,” he combines vulnerable lyrics […]