Gabriel Garzón-Montano ‘My Balloon’

After a successful release of his Stones Throw debut, Jardin, it’s obvious that Gabriel Garzón-Montano‘s sensual reaction when crafting anything has led to silk gold. Showcasing a diverse range of soul and modern fusion, Garzón-Montano’s “My Balloon” becomes the perfect visual counterpart to an already strong, standout track. Directed […]

A Dose of Sultry Soul: Lauren Ruth Ward

It’s no secret that Lauren Ruth Ward can sing. Mere moments into one of her performances, this becomes an undeniable fact. Accordingly, this natural born talent has torn up LA’s best-known underground venues with her soulful voice since moving from Baltimore only two years ago. Although she never […]

QUITAPENAS: ‘We Understand That Story- Be Ourselves’

Embodying tropical rhythms and a carefree attitude, Inland Empire’s “Afro-Latin” ensemble QUITAPENAS, embrace more than the melodies that trace the curves of a body they’re moving, but of a simple mantra – be yourself. With their first weekend of Coachella under their belt, Quitapenas— Daniel Gomez, Mark Villela, […]

Night Drive ‘Rise and Fall’ Classixx Remix

Remixes can be a beautiful thing, at times changing the entire motive of a song and sending it into another dimension. All traits that the latest Classixx remix of Austin duo Night Drive‘s “Rise and Fall” possess. If familiar with Night Drive’s original version, which is a new-wave […]