Ms. White ‘Fuck Men’

Ms. White’s “Fuck Men” is a jazz-pop anthem that radiates confidence and feel-good vibes.


Nightshifts ‘All Along’

Toronto producer, Nightshifts, steps into a new light with his neo-psycedelia love track “All Along.”

Headclouds ‘Flowers’

Newcastle “sunshine-pop” curators, Headclouds, debut their relaxed single “Flowers” and bring feel good vibes to our ears. Steven Gordon, Al Charnley, Nick Hodgson, and Cole Gilroy introduce themselves with a lo-fi production and an overwhelming sense of happiness. Structurally, “Flowers” strays away from a traditional form and jumps into […]

GiGi G ‘Morning Love’

GiGi Grombacher, better known simply as Los Angeles artist GiGi, comes to us as one of the artists that may have slipped through the cracks of our email abyss. GiGi’s “Morning Love,” co-written by Haleigh Bower, Michael Armstrong, and GiGi, is a relaxed expression of love against an […]

Persist: A Mixtape for Planned Parenthood

In light of uncertainty in this political cluster turmoil, there is always music. In addition, sometimes you need to be close to the problem to find a solution — a testament the is unraveling itself everyday. For Kirsten Carey, Los Angeles-based guitarist who primarily leads the punk duo, […]

Toni Tee and Liquid Wisdom ‘Luciendo Bien’

Taking a healthy break from the overpopulated psychedelic-rock scene, Toni Tee and Liquid Wisdom come as a fresh breath of musical delight with their latest EP, Luciendo Bien. The Hacienda-Heights 7-piece collective– Angie Kings (vocals), Bucky Lee (vocals), Joey Tovar (sax), Desteny Martinez (trumpet), Kane Sowa (drums), Vital […]