Making Movies ‘Brave Enough’ Ft. Hurray for the Riff Raff & Alaina Moore

Making Movies captures an essence of strength with their new single “Brave Enough,” ft. Hurray for Riff Raff and Alaina Moore.


Elohim ‘Skinny Legs’

You may remember the whirlwind of electronic swirls heard on the insatiable track “Hallucinating,”  depicting the signs of a good trip, last fall from LA-based producer and artist Elohim. Since then, the explosion of sounds and fresh electronic builds continue to emerge from Elohim on her latest track […]

Sunday Night Mix: Chill Waves

Sunday night always brings out the best or worse right before a Monday morning. Here are some spotlighted artists that focus on chilled wave production among some other tunes to get you through the night. DORJ “Thunder” -Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, producer and songwriter DORJ stuns with […]

Island Apollo ‘Hold It Down’

Coming from Los Angels, San Diego, and Orange County, indie band Island Apollo, release their latest track “Hold It Down” and capture the easing going vibes and atmosphere of Southern California. The upbeat and driven track is a collection of pop-melodies, heavy layering, and insanely riveting construction which […]

Track of The Day: Oktavian ‘Man’s Man’

What defines a man? A woman? A human? A lingering question that every individual has faced, trying to uphold to a definition of what and who they should be. Los Angeles-based artist Oktavian explores this concept through vivid expressions of diverse emotions, honest depth, and a refreshing sense […]