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Long Beach’s Quinceañera, Tropicália Fest

Long Beach celebrated all acts of diversity, specifically the Latin culture, with a successful turnout and welcoming environment at Tropicália.


Artist Spotlight: Flames of Durga

Named for the warrior goddess from Hindu theology, Flames of Durga is  Los Angeles-based rock trio. Identical twins Beah and Ceci Romero supply vocals, guitar and bass with percussion by their bandmate Nate Million. Flames of Durga’s music is comparable to a number of legendary acts like the […]

G.U.M. Visits Emo Nite in Los Angeles

Undoubtedly, the early 2000’s were a heyday for the genre known as “emo” – an amalgamation of post-hardcore, pop-punk, alternative rock and indie pop with sprinkled elements of synth and new wave. Eventually, the term “emo” spanned across all facets of popular culture including fashion and behavior. The stereotypical […]