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Sunday Night Mix: Chill Waves

Sunday night always brings out the best or worse right before a Monday morning. Here are some spotlighted artists that focus on chilled wave production among some other tunes to get you through the night. DORJ “Thunder” -Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, producer and songwriter DORJ stuns with […]

Smooth and Hazy [Indie-Pop]

COTE “London” –  Beautifully strewn across a midnight sky with dreamy melodies and vocals that engage, reminiscent to the likes of Stevie Nicks, “London” will pull you for more. Cote is an artist that surely is underrated and needs to be recognized for an immense amount of talent […]

Midnight Mood: Indie

Indie. Any way you cut it, or add to it, the feel is the same. Here’s the Top 5 that we’re vibing to for Midnight Mood. Lost Woods “Billy Zane“-  Another great Australian artist comes to us from Adelaide by the name of Lost Woods. Peter White, Brayden Leske, […]

Top 5: Feel Good Friday

It’s Friday! Ditch all the worries of the week and head into the weekend with a better mood with our Feel Good playlist. Junior Empire “Decide“- London-based 5 piece band, Junior Empire, consisting of Jack Balfour Scott, Joey Arnold Zapata, Diego Belmonte, Hannah van den Brul andJordan Grispino, follow-up their track “West […]

New Noise [Hip-Hop and R&B]: Best This Week

With everything that is happening in the world, sometimes music expresses it better than anything else. Here’s the best conscious hip-hop, and R&B tracks we got in this week that hits home. Same ol’ reviews, compiled in a neat playlist for our readers on the go. Des Brennan […]