Category: Email Abyss Findings

GiGi G ‘Morning Love’

GiGi Grombacher, better known simply as Los Angeles artist GiGi, comes to us as one of the artists that may have slipped through the cracks of our email abyss. GiGi’s “Morning Love,” co-written by Haleigh Bower, Michael Armstrong, and GiGi, is a relaxed expression of love against an […]

A Dreamy Disarray: Grace Vonderkuhn

Music is never a straight line, merely a loop, mimicking time’s aesthetic, yet ironically not one to fall victim to it’s expiration; just takes time to travel. Such is the case for Grace Vonderkuhn‘s music and her self-titled EP that halted all prior thoughts. Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, Vonderkuhn’s “home […]