Category: Re-Discover

WEIRDO + CO ‘Mother of Pearl’

Last year, a mysterious artist known as WEIRDO stepped into the scene and quietly stole hearts with the indie-pop track “BUTTER.” As the year progressed WEIRDO continued the anonymity and addictive tracks, and now return with their new single, new label, and new name, redefining the notion of […]

Zita ‘Deep Inside’

Hungarian artist Zita returns with an equally impressive instrumental piece that once again meshes tropical dance and electronic vibes with her powered violin. “Deep Inside” acts as a reassuring anthem for the day with echoing notes that closes each cycle, just like Summer to Fall. The track opens with […]

Ramsey ‘The Garden’

Continuing to push herself and electronic music, Los Angeles artist Ramsey, led by her signature stylization of vocals, further sets herself apart with her single “The Garden.” The Dark Electronic Seductress once again captures emotions and creates visually stunning audio that translates into the likes of a gothic romance novel […]

New Music: Name The Band ‘Taking the Cure’

Los Angeles indie-rockers, Name The Band, return with their latest single “Taking the Cure” off their forthcoming sophomore album, Summer Lush, and this time around stray away from the typical “burger-esque” sound that flows through Los Angeles. After a successful USA tour, Flash Flood, the Brazilian quartet’s sound seems to […]

Pretty Sister ‘West Coast’

Back in April we shared the addictive, sexy track “Come to LA,” by Los Angeles artist Pretty Sister, notably mastermind Zak Waters. To complete the golden coast love, Pretty Sister returns with the Z-funk wave, “West Coast,” and provides a smooth collection of sounds that epitomizes summer nights. Heavily […]