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This Will End: Leandra Graves

Frontwoman of Graves and The Bad Weather shares her story of abuse, self-infliction, and coping through music.


The Dreamers: Part Five

Time always constricts people within their choices, I am no different. The thought of fear is “if I do this, I cannot do the other,” or simply “lack” of time. Time will pass regardless because the Earth continues to spin. It either exists so much that you are […]

The Dreamers: Part Three

It’s 2 a.m. and you’re lying on the floor against sheets of useless lyrics, ideas saved on your phone’s voice recorder, and bags under your eyes that slap you back in the face and question why on the face of the planet you are still doing what you’re […]

Letter From the Editor: The Dreamers

There’s times where I ask myself why I do what I do. I want to say that this is once in a while, when it’s a reoccurring daily thought. A daily thought that leads to depression, frustration, and joy, among other abstract feelings. This started two years ago […]