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Love, Loss, and Simply Being: Natalie Green is my Lover

Los Angeles artist, Natalie Green, exposes fears and heartache on the emotive album ‘Natalie Green is my Lover.’


The Great Sadness ‘WEEP’

There’s nothing more exciting when you come across an album that restores your faith back in rock, and music in general. Cathy Cooper and drummer Stephen McNeely are the masterminds behind The Great Sadness. Meeting in Echo Park fours years ago with the intentions of playing folk-rock, evolved […]

Late Night Sesh: KLIM ‘City Lights’

Blessings on top of blessings: When you stumble across one good artist, then another, you realize you’ve found a gold mind of a label. NinetoFive Records, home of the beatmakers worldwide stole my heart with the amount of talent on their roster. One in particular would be KLIM […]

Discover: Todavia ‘Stay’

Rhyan Riesgo, sole member, and multi-instrumentalist of Todavia, released her melodic sophomore album, Stay.  The 5-track EP displays sweet dream-pop vibrations and intricate layers that create beautiful scenes, and in an essence, is a narrative and story album. Cleverly broken down into fragments as the album titles, that must’ve […]

Mind Monogram Maüs EP Review

With a well deserved momentum building up this year, Los Angeles dream-pop locals, Mind Monogram, return with a sophomore EP, Maüs, to follow up their 2015 debut EP, Moments in Time, and invite listeners to a personal and exploratory approach this time around. Edgar A. Ruiz (Vocalist/Guitarist), Christian […]