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Late Night Sesh: KLIM ‘City Lights’

Blessings on top of blessings: When you stumble across one good artist, then another, you realize you’ve found a gold mind of a label. NinetoFive Records, home of the beatmakers worldwide stole my heart with the amount of talent on their roster. One in particular would be KLIM […]

Discover: Todavia ‘Stay’

Rhyan Riesgo, sole member, and multi-instrumentalist of Todavia, released her melodic sophomore album, Stay.  The 5-track EP displays sweet dream-pop vibrations and intricate layers that create beautiful scenes, and in an essence, is a narrative and story album. Cleverly broken down into fragments as the album titles, that must’ve […]

Mind Monogram Maüs EP Review

With a well deserved momentum building up this year, Los Angeles dream-pop locals, Mind Monogram, return with a sophomore EP, Maüs, to follow up their 2015 debut EP, Moments in Time, and invite listeners to a personal and exploratory approach this time around. Edgar A. Ruiz (Vocalist/Guitarist), Christian […]