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Rachel Schroeder

Rachel is currently a full time production accountant, part time boom operator, and all time music lover. When not on set or in the studio, she’s spending hours digging into new music on Spotify and buying ALL the concert tickets. After graduating from University of Wisconsin -Madison (go Badgers!), she moved to LA with the entirely specific plan of “going with the flow,” and she has found this to be a major success thus far.

The Art of Losing Control: Lauren Ruth Ward’s ‘Did I Offend You’

Lauren Ruth Ward follows-up “Did I Offend You” with controlled insanity on her accompanying music video.


A Dose of Sultry Soul: Lauren Ruth Ward

It’s no secret that Lauren Ruth Ward can sing. Mere moments into one of her performances, this becomes an undeniable fact. Accordingly, this natural born talent has torn up LA’s best-known underground venues with her soulful voice since moving from Baltimore only two years ago. Although she never […]