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Leisure Suite ‘Shut Down’

Melbourne duo — Bridgette Le and Mitchell Wood — better known as Leisure Suite,  return with the fresh new track “Shut Down” that not only brings the easy going vibes, but carries a sexy, cool confidence that is matched in production and delivery. The assertive track easily glides over an […]

Summer Vibes: courtship. ‘Sunroof’

Riding off the infectious waves of “Stop for Nothing,” Los Angeles duo courtship.– Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon — return with a sonic escape from the mundane routine that offers a warm sense of reassurance.  The ripe track, “Sunroof,” instantly becomes an indie, feel-good track for everyone’s pop soul […]

Island Apollo ‘Hold It Down’

Coming from Los Angels, San Diego, and Orange County, indie band Island Apollo, release their latest track “Hold It Down” and capture the easing going vibes and atmosphere of Southern California. The upbeat and driven track is a collection of pop-melodies, heavy layering, and insanely riveting construction which […]

Pekoe Cat ‘Superstore’

“I’ve never recorded a song that is finished being written; I write and record at the same time. So even I don’t know where the songs will end up once the recording process has started.” – Kyle Woolvent Multi-instrumentalist and producer, Kyle Woolvent, now dubbed Pekoe Cat, takes […]