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Fernanda Vidaurrazaga is a writer, amateur filmmaker, and surfer (channels and crowds, never waves). When she isn’t looking up concert tickets she can’t afford, she’s often found drinking things that aren’t coffee at coffee shops while glaring at word documents. She is a recent UC Riverside graduate with two degrees, working on potential theses for graduate school.

Discover: Natty ‘Streetlights’

Not enough can be said and definitely not enough has been said about Natty. The soul/R&B musician has just released his single “Streetlights” and it’s a track worth putting on repeat 24/7. Based in London, he has created something perfect for the beach months. Natty’s sound is light, […]

Discover: Kyan Palmer ‘Hit List’

It’s tough to imagine a marketing student who never saw himself in music hitting the scene so strongly, but new artist Kyan Palmer has done just that. “Burn Mona Lisa,” his first single, was part of Kyan Palmer’s marketing thesis project. Since then, the song has been circulating […]

New Music: Queue ‘More’

Newcomer, Queue has released two singles so far this year from their upcoming EP “Frames.” The EP is set to release on June 28th. The group all met in college through their local music scene. They are currently all split up between two cities, D.C. and Philly. The […]

Must Hear: Dominique ‘Good Girl’

Singer/songwriter/producer, Dominique, has proven herself an impressive talent in the world of indie pop with the release of her new single “Good Girl.” Her SoundCloud has a lot of great tracks but this new single is a bold step forward. Fans of household names like Lana Del Rey […]

Artist Spotlight: The Royal Foundry

One of my favorite alternative folk artists of 2016, The Royal Foundry, is rapidly gaining popularity. The band started as a folk duo through the marriage of Bethany Schumacher (vocals/guitar/keys) and Jared Salte (vocals/keys/guitar). The duo evolved into its current form as a quartet with the additions of […]

Discover: Magic Bronson

With the release of Magic Bronson’s new 5-track self-titled EP, Michael Nicastro and Matthew Lieberman prove that you don’t need to be signed to cause waves. After leaving their label in 2015, the guys teamed up with producer Mike Malchichoff and got to work. The alternative electronic duo […]