About GUM

Girl Underground Music is an online platform driven around the goal to provide underground artists a platform, and viewers a place to discover new music. Primarily serving new and local artists in the long lost art of interviews and reviews, GUM considers all genres and form of arts as submissions.

GUM also can’t believe we’re still around.

Janette Ayub

Janette is a former KSPC disc jockey that created Girl Underground in a panic during sound check when she didn’t have a name for her show. She is also a recovering carnivore who collects cats in her spare time.

Email: janette@girlundergroundmusic.com

Mariana Martinez

Contributing Writer

Mariana Martinez is a music enthusiast and writer based in Los Angeles and Madrid. When she is not DJing as Funky Mar, you can find her front row at any show.


Justin Bieggar

Contributing Writer, Photographer

Justin Bieggar is a freelance photographer, writer, and podcast-er.

Justin Bieggar/Sketched Sounds

Erin McQueen

Contributing Writer

Folk and dream-pop enthusiast, Erin McQueen is a singer/songwriter and musician from the San Francisco Bay Area, professionally known under the pseudonym and musical-project ‘Folly’.


Amalia Sepulveda

Contributing Photographer

Amalia is freelance photographer and videographer. She has an eye for design and received her Bachelor’s in Production at the Los Angeles Film School.

Martin Santacruz Jr.

Contributing Photographer

Martin Santacruz Jr. is a freelance photographer/videographer always ready to capture the next great gig in the sky… metaphorically speaking.


Contributing Writer

Illsamar is a creative of the music realm who raps, assists in photography, and now lends her knowledge in the written form.

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