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VEiiLA’s Latest Single ‘Push The Pedal’ Showcases Mesmerizing Trip Hop and Electronica Fusion

VEiiLA delve into a captivating blend of gentle punk, trip hop, and electronica on their latest release.

Dubbed as “gentle punk”, Armenia-based duo VEiiLA mesmerize on their latest single and video “Push The Pedal.” Comprised of Vif Nüte (vocals, synthesizers, guitars) and Bes Eirid (keyboards, sound), the duo crafts an exploration of intricate moments and emotions against a soundscape of trip hop and electronica.

The track seems to linger on the aspect of starting a new, struggling to move forward, imploring to “rip it hard, drive me fast.” Invoking a forbidden sensuality to the track, the downtempo atmospheric pour is disarming at the helm of Vif’s vocals. The accompanying black and white visual companion mirrors the internalized hesitation and newfound drive of the track, capturing the band’s movements through live shots and showcasing stunning monochromatic tones. Through their electronica filter, VEiiLA effortlessly crafts a healing atmosphere that reconciles solitude and the unknown.

In 2022, during the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Vif and Bes, dubbing themselves “a band without a country” in homage to the late Kurt Vonnegut, made the decision to leave Russia in protest against the war. With just a couple of suitcases, they embarked on a nomadic journey. They have written and recorded their latest tracks in hotel rooms and apartments throughout their journey in Armenia. After adjusting to their new reality, the duo have returned to the stage.

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