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New Noise: Zentonic, Stormhouse, FORAGER, Flyana Boss, Lala Salama, Izzy Pingrey

New Noise releases for May that were loved.

Zentonic “I’m Insane”

Pomona-based band Zentonic return after a lengthy break with their first single in 7 years, “I’m Insane.” Daniel Chavez, Ruben Cordova and Kenny Lopez entirely didn’t pick up where they last left off, adding to the group Brian Perkse on keys and sax, but arrive with a fresh, soulful sound and the confidence of time not existing. The blues rock track touches on the mental gymnastics of loving someone to the point of madness and isn’t shy from the immense emotions which are exhibited and dictate the day-to-day motions as a result. Chavez’s vocals embody hurt with a liberating inflection which mirrors the sharp brass and deep rhythm of the track. Its quiet emergence very well reflects their own arrival and overall is a missed sound from a talented cut of individuals. Stay tuned for their upcoming third LP, This Good Thing, due June, 2023.

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Stormhouse “Banished”

Photo: @nanigrossphoto

Stormhouse, the Santa Ana band comprising of Noel Becerra, Markie Medina, Isaac Larios, and Ozzy Chong, bewitch on their latest single, “Banished.” The track showcases a seamless fusion of sharp, sinister elements and refined musicality, delivering an enthralling goth post-punk appeal. Medina’s animated vocals take center stage and vary between vocals funneled through distortion and rabid shots that imitate each slam on the snare. Complemented by an iconic call and shout response arrangement, “Banished” finds a balance between raw intensity and polished craftsmanship, showcasing their vitality and musical breadth.

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FORAGER “Fuji or a Trek”

Photo: Evan Carter

Brooklyn-based trio FORAGER share their latest track “Fuji, or a Trek” taken off their upcoming debut album Pipedream Firewood due August 2023. Shyamala, Jack Broza, and Colum Enrique take two events as inspiration: a spontaneous bike ride to Coney Island and then a chance encounter with a former English teacher at a rave. Its initial suave opening and sprightly disposition captures the spirit of youth, which eventually slows down at the decelerated drums. The track’s tempo switches and deep grooves which radiate with funk take over alongside Shyamala’s vocals. “Fuju, or Trek” has meticulous timing and dances in harmonious revelations which burst from verse to verse between the track’s overall animated arrangement. The seemingly innocent events which trickled to an existential dilemma in theory is adored, and we can’t wait to see what the trio filter through their minds on their debut album.

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Flyana Boss Vitamin FB (EP)

MCs and multi-instrumentalists Bobbi Lanea and Folayan Kunerede, who happen to be best friends, bring their bonded connection into the hip-hop scene, utilizing their friendship to play off each other’s energy. The Los Angeles-based duo transfers their chemistry best on their latest 2-track EP, Vitamin FB.

“Hot Tea” serves as a reminder that talk always comes back around (“If you disagree then Miley what’s goodie?/Come to my hoodie.) The track is a confident acknowledgment of the static noise in the background, while exerting the worth to be mentioned and the comfort of having a bff to laugh through it all. The track’s companion, “Fondue,” takes a more lustful route and boastfully lists all requirements desired. Their humor shines through the lyrics, complemented by vivid and sharp imagery, exuding an irresistible charm. Everything about this duo leads to excitement. From their clever wordplay to their dynamic delivery, they captivate listeners with their infectious energy. The minimal yet polished production further enhances their artistry and I have become a forever fan.

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Lala Salama “Summer Love”

Photo: Eemi Kettunen

Finland-based band Lala Salama reminisces about a summer love on their latest single via All That Plazz. The bright indie rock track is a contagious embodiment that comes with falling too fast and disregarding the rules that govern a summer fling: when the seasons change, so does the relationship. Its dreamy vocals cling tight to each word which openly looks back questioning what could have been as shoegaze tinged guitars and a hazy rhythm provides solace and comfort. “Summer Love” breaks out on the second half with a heavier impact with lines to match. Lines reflect a desire to move on while still holding onto the memories of this lost love, yearning for their presence despite their absence. Regardless of the warm production, there’s apparent heartbreak on the track. Though, its pace and picturesque textures serve as a reminder that everything truly does feel better under the sunlight, and that everything will eventually be alright.

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Izzy Pingrey “sick of it”

Izzy Pingrey takes the growing pains of the various forms of relationships on her debut track “sick of it” and details “many-a-situationship” that may have exploded back in her face. The 16 year old singer/songwriter from New York City who writes and produces music with her dad captures the mix of feelings from adolescence perfectly. With a warm and acoustic opening that builds towards a catchy pop hook, Pingrey’s buttery vocals are tinged with angst and self-discover — a trait that we know will blossom on future releases. Backed with quips that bring back the track, and the artist back to reality, the affirmation and line in the sand drawn makes this a summery mantra to move on.

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