La Faute Explores A Haunt On ‘The Crown’ Taken Off Upcoming Debut Album ‘Blue Girl Nice Day’

Canadian artist shares her third single from her upcoming debut album and explores the possibility of a past life.

Memories and the passing of a person — ghosts of our lives. According to Canadian artist La Faute (Peggy Messing) ghosts and memories are of the same nature and same haunt. On the artist’s third single “The Crown” taken off her upcoming debut album Blue Girl Nice Day due May 26, 2023, the single and accompanying video explore the possibility of a past version of life and a haunting through a shared dimension.

“The Crown” is a downpour of mistrusting dream pop, teetering on the helm of a psychological nightmare. Its steady command and quiet illustrations tug on an idea we all have considered and delicately move between the essence of familiarity, be it a false sense or real, to the track’s chilling revelation on the line “I know the secret now.”

Messing’s vocals savor the uneasiness of the track and add to the continuous conversation of life — past, present, and death — and its loose thread that no one will ever truly know what was at the end of the rope (“Was it me or someone else wearing the crown?”) The wondrous nature of possibility is present on the track despite the heaviness, conditioned by moody guitar tones and emphatic bass which allows the steadiness and emotive narrative to capture a listener.

“This song could be from the point of view of someone haunting, or being haunted,” shares Messing. “That feeling of déjà vu, that you’ve been somewhere before, maybe in a dream, maybe a past life…I had a dream where someone I loved who had died was alive, and mad at me that I had missed their birthday. In my dream they had been living in another city for years and hadn’t thought to get in touch. This was my secret hope, that maybe they’d faked their death and were really alive, walking around somewhere else. I woke up feeling bad that I hadn’t bought them a present, and angry that they hadn’t mentioned they were still alive, which was honestly in character. I think about memories and ghosts and how maybe they are the same thing.”

Its equally chilling visual counterpart blurs dimensions with footage from the 1962 film Carnival of Souls starring Candace Hilligoss and directed by Herk Harvey. In the original film, the direction follows Mary who cannot figure out why she is at times invisible to others and begins to be haunted, where in fact she actually was the one who passed away in an accident.

The idea of taking the film’s misguided ghost to the track’s uncertainty of false reality fits perfectly. Noting the cover art where Mary is unzipping or zipping her dress, Messing shares that she enjoys this visual as a metaphor for “slipping into or out of an identity, or a soul and a body.”

The solo project of Messing is a deep and reflective one and is atmospheric to the likes of Portishead. With an EP under her belt and a stunning collection of singles thus far, we cannot wait to hear what this next chapter entails.


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