Humazapas Celebrate Kutakachi Kichwa Heritage on ‘Hana Chagra’

The Ecuadorian group spotlight harvesting and sacred activities.

Humazapas share the third single and accompanying video from their upcoming album Sara Mama (Mother Corn) due June 9, 2023 via AYA Records. On their single “Hana Chagra” the Ecuadorian group continue to celebrate the Andean Kichwas’ Indigenous communities and mark a moment of abundance through a bright, celebratory arrangement and storytelling.

The single marks the moment when it is time to feast on grains as there is now an abundance of food within the Cotacachi communities. “Hana Chagra” is designed to the “chimbapura” rhythm where the women sing to the Virakchuro bird who eats the first grains of corn: “Hana chagra, ura chagra ñukapa (The cornfield of the north and the south are mine)/ Anchuringui pishku aya jamsiashka (Come out of there, mischievous little bird).”

The track transmits life, beauty and more so the respect that comes from each role of nature — be it the corn that grew, the birds that want the grains for themselves, and the people who harvest. Through the playful words that narrate a colorful story that is gifted to everyone, there is still the importance of agrobiodiversity embedded in the track. “Hana Chagra” and its communal chant embodies this universal role and invites all to dance along.

Visually, the accompanying video directed by Luis Bonilla Simba elevates the beauty of harvesting and sacred traditions. It also displays a meeting between two Ecuadorian territories, the Kutakachi Kichwa nationality from the Andes and the Afro-Esmeraldeño people from the coast.

The track is stated to have the same rhythmic pattern as the bambuco of the Afro-Esmeraldeño people and it becomes a powerful moment when the two groups meet and move to the soul of the music and of Ecuador.

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