Fanny: The Right to Rock

PBS celebrates AAPINH month with premieres such as 'Fanny: The Right to Rock.'

PBS celebrates AAPINH Heritage Month with Fanny: The Right to Rock, a documentary film about the first all-women rock band to release an album with a major record label in 1970. Fanny, co-founded by Filipina American and queer teenagers, defied bigotry and misogyny to release five albums and tour the US with notable bands.

Despite their hits and extensive touring with bands such as Chicago, Steely Dan, and Ike and Tina Turner, Fanny never received the recognition for their impact on the music industry.

The multi-award-winning film (2021) features rare performance archives, photographs, and interviews with Bonnie Raitt, Todd Rundgren, Kathy Valentine of The Go-Go’s, Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, Cherie Currie of The Runaways, Charles Neville, Kate Pierson of The B-52s, John Sebastian of Lovin’ Spoonful, as well as David Bowie’s lead guitarist Earl Slick and bassist Gail Ann Dorsey. 50 years after their formation, Fanny: The Right to Rock celebrates the often-forgotten legacy of Fanny in rock music.

Fanny: The Right to Rock premieres on PBS, May 22, 2023. Please visit their website to find your local station.

Cover photo: Linda Wolf

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