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Fake Dad Rips Apart Beauty Industry on New Wave Single ‘Fashion Girl’

Brooklyn-based duo explore new wave and angst on their latest single.

Fake Dad’s latest single, “Fashion Girl,” takes the duo, Andrea de Varona and Josh Ford, into a new soundscape as they deal with the aftermath of a best friend breakup while ripping apart the beauty industry and the insecurity it sells.

The electronic dance track draws inspiration from ’80s new wave, featuring a signature gated reverb snare and a downpour of dismay. Juxtaposed with the high-octane angst that made riot grrrl special, “Fashion Girl” contains subtext and timeless commentary on the fashion industry’s impact on women/womxn.

The track’s vigorous production and tongue-in-cheek portrayal mirror the facade that those in the industry are “supposed” to uphold, while also conveying the hurt that comes with it. Its new wave aesthetic, paired with the right amount of post-punk ethos, inspires the industry’s members, and at times victims, to create their own standards and reclaim their power.

The track is well-executed, with a passionate drive that is enough to burn the beauty confinements to the ground and start over. The production and delivery by Varona’s vocals beg for repeated plays and capture the freedom of the subculture of these genres. Additionally, the personal sentiments of the song breathe an unspoken connection and empathetic warmth despite it’s anger. Inspired by a falling out with a childhood best friend who was a fashion major and came from a wealthy family, “Fashion Girl” demonstrates the versatility in Fake Dad’s songwriting and their way of processing complex emotions.

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