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Buggin Are ‘Not Yours’ on Latest Hardcore Cut Ahead of Debut LP ‘Concrete Cowboys’

Buggin address representation and tokenization on their latest hardcore and punk single.

Buggin, the hardcore band hailing from Chicago, is set to release their highly anticipated debut album, Concrete Cowboys, on June 2, 2023 via Flatspot Records. Building off the momentum of their first single, “All Eyes On You,” the band has dropped their second single, “Not Yours,” which takes on a more serious tone.

The song tackles the issue of tokenization of women and non-binary people in the hardcore scene, with lead vocalist Bryanna Bennett delivering a powerful message through the lyrics. Bennett expresses frustration with being labeled as “female fronted” and the objectification that often comes with it, declaring “call us female fronted you can eat my fist.”

“Not Yours” immediately disassociates with the prospect of the back-handed phrasing “female fronted” with an aggressive demeanor and assertion. Rapid punches of vocals and thrash metal guitar riffs mirror the track’s shout-along technique for an invigorating rush. The track’s tempo eventually dissolves into a slower, heavier doom paired with commentary samples, leaving you to sit in the pool of the band’s dismay.

Embracing the cadence on “Not Yours”, the singular moment of change on the bridge and closing displays the band’s ability to manipulate the anger beyond adrenaline and really change perspective through rhythm.

Photo: Farrah Skeiky

“A more personal one about dealing with the tokenization of being seen as a girl in hardcore,” shares Bennett. “I’m non-binary and I hate being thrown in ‘female fronted’ categories. We just want to rock without people making it weird or only liking us for that reason.”

The track is a strong follow-up to their debut EP, Buggin Out, and singles “Brainfreeze” and “Attitude,” which set the stage for their highly anticipated release. Concrete Cowboys consists of 12 tracks, touching on everything from everyday occurrences to anthems of self-empowerment.

The title of the album is taken directly from their demo release, and it perfectly captures the essence of Buggin’s raw and authentic style. Bryanna Bennett (vocals), Dewey Hendrik (bass), Peyton Roberts (guitar), and Michael Rasmussen (drums), have a clear vision of who they are and what they stand for and “Not Yours” reaffirms their commitment.

Tour Dates:

6.4 – Detroit, MI @ Tied Down Fest

25.6 – Manchester, UK  @ Outbreak

w/ Spaced

26.6 – Newcastle, UK @ Head of Steam

27.6 – Newport, UK @ The Cab

28.6 – London, UK @ New Cross Inn

29.6 – Brighton, UK @ The Prince Albert

30.6 – Antwerp, BE @ AMC

01.7 – Rennes, FR @ Superbowl of Hardcore

02.7 – Paris, FR @ Esspace

03.7 – Frankfurt, DE @ Exzess

04.7 – Eindhoven, NL @ Dynamo

05.7 – Hannover, DE @ Bei Chez Heinz

06.7 – Berlin, DE @ Cassiopeia

07.7 – Velke Mezirici, CZ @ Fajt Fest

08.7 – Halle, DE @ Halt Mich Fest

09.7 – Ieper, BE @ Ieper Fest

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