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Carver Commodore Face Doubt in the Desert on Latest Video ‘Drown Me In Emotions’ Taken From Upcoming EP, ‘If Nothing Happens’

The indie-rock band share their first single and video from their upcoming EP due August 15, 2023.

Alabama indie-rock outfit Carver Commodore share their latest single and the first from their upcoming EP, If Nothing Happens, slated for release, August 15, 2023.

Drown Me In Emotions” is a great turning point for realization in all aspects of love which is a shared theme on their upcoming EP. As the project as a whole face the question of “what happens if we don’t make it?” musically and in life, alongside doubts in general, their first single follows this sentiment to a romantic sense and the lengths of what anyone would do to succeed in love — be it for a person or for an art.

The infectious hooks and buoyant production of “Drown Me In Emotions” are truly irresistible. The dual guitars call on the sounds of indie pop and the brightness of coastal rock, offering a sense of resistance to the shadows that sometimes linger lyrically. “Are you questioning all of my intentions?” drizzles across the carefree and warm melody, capturing the band’s belief of hope.

The accompanying visual for the single takes Carver Commodore to the desert, adding a whimsical brightness to the concept of being alone, stranded, and without a plan. The shimmering visuals and synchronized dances evoke a sense of happy-go-lucky disposition, reinforcing the belief that everything will ultimately turn out fine.

“This EP marks the first time we’ve all been together in the studio playing our own parts and every part was written with intention so that the recordings feel like Carver Commodore in a live setting,” shares the band. “They also reflect many of the feelings the band has had over the last couple of years – the ongoing conversation of ‘If Nothing Happens with this, will we be fine?’ We’ve decided that we can’t NOT make music we believe in, so we hope that this song and the start of this EP release is as exciting for you as it is for us!”

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