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Dea Doyle Is ‘Over You’

But we aren't over Dea and her grit.

Dea Doyle is an emerging artist who is seizing our attention with only a handful of singles released. Following the success of “New Lover” and the warmer, soulful tones of “Make a Living”, the West London-based artist now takes her discography in a grittier direction with “Over You.”

“Over You” opens with the blissful soundbite of children playing, creating an initial sense of innocence that gives way to the raw and edgy production of alternative grunge. It evokes a coming-of-age feeling, portraying the heartbreak that comes with experience and the wisdom to let go.

The track’s overall sentiment is one of empowerment, urging listeners to remove themselves from toxic relationships. However, it also conveys a deeper emotional journey of self-discovery and growth, as the artist’s voice reveals a vulnerability that resonates with many.

Through this past innocence and vulnerability comes delicious grit and youthful angst. The emphasis on the crackling snare brightens the overall drum line and there’s a booming resonance that compliments the artist’s melodic rasp so well, including these jagged guitar lines, and whimsical chords between verses. Doyle’s vocals are a joy to listen to as they consume the spirit of the track and truly adapt to any production without losing her identity.

Photo: Pablo Gallegos

“I wrote this song at a time in my life where I felt liberated, thinking if I can get over someone I once loved then maybe I’ll never need anyone ever again,” says the artist. “At the very end of the song I do flip the idea on its head and question whether I truly am over them, but on a whole it’s about feeling emotionally detached and regaining my independence.”

“On a whole I would like my music to celebrate women in particular and urge them to be unapologetic for who they are and just to have fun really.”

With “Over You,” Dea Doyle not only delivers another way to look at getting “over someone,” including the past version of yourself, but also showcases her artistic maturity and versatility in exploring different genres and emotions through her music. As she continues to release more music, it will be exciting to see how her evolving sound and unique perspective continue to captivate audiences and establish her as a rising talent in the music industry.

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