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New Noise: Jetta Juriansz, Draag, LYYN, Flores y Fuego, Grady Strange, and Sun Spots

New Noise for the first couple of weeks of April, 2023.

Jetta Juriansz “Mine”

LA-based artist Jetta Juriansz shares her latest song “Mine,” which was written for her partner, Nick Cabot Rodriguez, who is featured on bass in the Nicole Lipp directed video. The slower paced love song serves as an expression of adoration and according to Juriansz, it’s a “love song for greedy hearts everywhere” and a wish for others to keep “yearning, pining, and asking for what they want.” Juriansz’s ukulele-led track is complemented by her beaming vocals, adding charm to the overall composition and capturing the purity of love.

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Draag “Demonbird”

Los Angeles’ electro-shoegaze quintet Draag has recently released their latest single “Demonbird” as a preview of their upcoming debut album, Dark Fire Heresy, set to be released on April 28, 2023. “Demonbird” is a powerful combination of exaggerated noise, distortion, and video game dysphoria that serves as a cathartic release of religious trauma, giving voice to women who have been silenced. The track features longer instrumental breaks that ignite an internal flame and express the need to break free, infused with nu-metal influences. Paired with an equally powerful video by Tyler Bradberry, we all find freedom through demonbird.

“‘Demonbird’ was a major breakthrough in my personal journey unpacking spiritual abuse in my past,” shares Jessica Huang. “Becoming the ‘Demonbird’ character in the video was a way for me to find some sort of justice for the women who were silenced and discarded in the purity culture of my particular religious upbringing…It’s a relief that it doesn’t have the same power over me anymore.”

Catch them on tour for remaining dates in April and a June 17th album release show at The Echo in Los Angeles, CA.

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LYYN “Coyote”

Brooklyn-based artist LYYN shares her pop-infused ballad “Coyote,” which embraces the inevitability of fate in fulfilling an “untamable love.” Drawing inspiration from ’90s dreampop, the track features a nostalgic wash on the guitars and an infectious indiepop hook. Crushed piano chords peek in and out, lending a bittersweet tone to the remains of a once-cherished love. Lyyn’s soft vocals often reminisce about the past, but ultimately shift to a change in perspective. Lyyn recalls how “Coyote” was one of the first songs she wrote after the pandemic, and a terrifying encounter with a coyote near the Silver Lake Reservoir in L.A. served as a sign from the universe that she should release the song. Lyyn’s forthcoming debut EP is slated for a 2023 release.

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Flores y Fuego Muerde El Anzuelo

Guadalajara, Mexico’s hardcore/punk band Flores Y Fuego — Melisa Díaz, Rafael Sotomayor, Eduardo Torres, and Fernando Cárdenas — share their video for their track “Muerde El Anzuelo” (Take The Bait). The social-economic commentary reflects people who attempt to fit in only to have the system’s power take it all away, including their humanity (y han logrado arrancar parte de tu humanidad). It’s an invigorating scorn that sees a dust-devil of distortion and screams which emboldens listeners to just be themselves. What is the first song written by guitarist Sotomayor, the video pairs cleanly with the DIY styled video by Francisco II Suazo which uses an analog camera effect to demonstrate “confusion around reality.”

“The song is about the pressures that society, family, school, and more, try to impose to us as individuals, and sometimes consequences can be very sad where people end up with depression or even suicide,” says Sotomayor.

The track is taken off their LP Altar which will be available April 28 on Pirates Press Records and in stores worldwide on May 12, 2023.

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Grady Strange “Flowers Surround You”

Los Angeles-based indie-rock band Grady Strange share their third single from their upcoming album See You Later, Separator, which is set to be self-released on June 23, 2023. The single is accompanied by an infectious and joyous video that explores the everyday stresses of life through an absurd lens of higher consciousness, directed by Grady Strange (formerly known as Grady Wenrich). The bright and energetic track, with its garage-rock core, elevates the song’s lyrics and encourages listeners not to waste their time worrying.

“I initially just wanted some cool live shots of us playing up on a mountain overlooking all the busy people going about their daily lives,” shares Strange. “Mackenzie then had the idea that we add in a How To With John Wilson inspired element, and film random people stressing out to coincide with the lyrics. We then decided we would dress up in matching oversized suits and act as some sort of ‘agents of enlightenment,’ watching the world from afar and yelling some supposed truth down at the distracted human race.”

The band will be celebrating the album release with a headlining show at Zebulon in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, June 24, 2023 presented by Desert Daze. Additionally, the band will be performing at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, CA on July 7, 2023.

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Sun Spots “Gutterball”

Seattle-based band Sun Spots have released their latest single and accompanying video, “Gutterball.” The alternative rock track is infused with bright pop-rock undertones and pays homage to the slacker rock scene of the ’90s. The raw 3-D visual journey in the video follows a bowling ball’s path trek to the main arena, only to be thrust into the gutters. This adds a touch of absurdity reminiscent of the visuals at a bowling alley and adds a bit of brightness in starting anew, echoing the themes of the song.

“‘Gutterball’ is the latest chapter in Sun Spots’ pursuit to become the heaviest pop band in the world. The song is inspired by the Boss HM-2 and the eternal struggle between the desire to create art and the feelings of embarrassment and self-doubt that accompany that desire.”

Sun Spots are now on a West Coast tour with Wollwork throughout April and May including stops in Vancouver, BC, Los Angeles, CA, and closing in Seattle, WA.

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