Sydney Raneé Radiates on Neo-Soul Single ‘For You’

Los Angeles artist pens a celebration for the Black community and rejoices in the love.

Singer, songwriter, and producer Sydney Raneé honors her skin and pens an open love letter to the Black community on her latest track “For You.” Taken off her upcoming EP, Main Girl, due later this year, “For You” illustrates a time for celebration and love led by the Los Angeles-based artist.

Through the many injustices and painful moments during 2020, “For You” was written during the height of the BLM movement of that year where the artist felt that the media was only sharing negative images of the Black community. In contrast, Raneé crafted “For You” to showcase all of the beauty in the community against a dreamy, R&B and neo-soul production.

Raneé’s vocals radiate with self-respect and admiration as she moves between the track’s open word to each glossy verse. The track’s guitar work stabilizes the ethereal essence and adds to the myriad of influences of sounds that Raneé pulls from such as jazz, funk, and pop. And of course, with the artist’s infectious vocals that keep you present upon each listen, life wouldn’t be complete without lush waterfall vocal runs near the end. These soft nuances maintain the production’s celestial vibe and embraces all the love given throughout the track.

Lines such as “Trendsetter, you do it well/I see you in your element” honor the innovators across all artistic mediums who may not get the recognition they deserve to moving, sharp moments of the time: “So hold that crown up high/ I just want to see you grind watch you shine/I just want to see them curves that look like mine/Afros to the sky fist held up high.”

The conversation of representation in general continues through the track’s artwork. Too often BIPOC are depicted in a one-note, negative performance, but never “soft”; be it the “tough” Black women/womxn; “spicy” Latino/a/x. The photo’s softness and use of a cool-toned and pastel palette illuminates Raneé’s beauty and showcases this side — we can be soft too.

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