Hallyx Talks to the Soul on Cuban Folk Debut Single ‘Pilade’

Italian-Cuban artist shares her stunning debut single and encourages to fight for your voice.

Italian-Cuban singer-songwriter and actress Alessandra Arcangeli, known as Hallyx, has released her stunning single “Pilade” through SONO Music Group. Hallyx’s debut draws theatrical inspiration from Pier Paolo Pasolini’s character Pilade, originally from a Greek tragedy, who starts as a character without a voice but eventually fights for his rights. The song skillfully combines this story and fuses it with the emotional depth of Cuban Folk and the vibrant textures of Latin-Pop, resulting in a compelling and powerful track.

“Pilade” and its essence reaches deep into the soul and speaks directly to those who are being silenced by self, or from outside barriers, through the character of Pilade. Despite being drawn from the stage, the character doesn’t outshine the storyline or the track and is carefully crafted to provide a universal connection.

Mirroring lines in sound, the track emerges gently and sits in the silence. Hallyx’s vocals command attention, but are also compassionate enough to guide a listener across the strings of an acoustic. “Pilade” continues an uphill build and comes alive at the first sounds of percussion: steady on time with claves; warm-tone bongo drums; and the rhythm of the artist’s dynamic vocals.

Hallyx’s personal journey on the track spars with past trauma and childhood experiences for a chance to be heard with lyrical component that is both poetic and raw: “¡Yo estoy en un grupo que no está!/Yo soy el que no existe/Yo soy el poeta que piensa/Yo soy el poeta que insiste/Ahora tu escucha mi voz/Ahora tu escucha mi ruido/Porque adentro yo tengo un monstruo/Que arranca y arranca/Y requiebra el alma (I’m in a group that’s not there!/I am the one who does not exist/I am the poet who thinks/I am the poet who insists/Now you hear my voice/Now you hear my noise/Because inside I have a monster/That starts and starts/And it breaks the soul).”

“I am Pilade. Pilade is Hallyx (Alessandra Arcangeli),” says the artist. “Pilade is whatever human being that is in silence for whatever reason. Pilade is here to give courage to every soul, who’s feeling not allowed to express, OUT LOUD, their voice.”

The debut single serves as a powerful introduction to the artist’s unique style and creative capabilities. With its blend of intellectual and emotional insights, the song offers a subjective experience that may be interpreted differently by each listener, but ultimately conveys a message of encouragement through the character of Pilade.

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The artist continues to share from SONO’s spotlight page: “I felt a connection with Pilade, because, he reminds me of my childhood experiences and traumas. I was very shy and quiet. I was afraid of communicate, and sharing my thoughts; I used to suffer a lot from family problems, when I was little, and I didn’t feel safe at home. I was always hiding that I was being bullied at school, never really reacting, and I was feeling uncomfortable with my skin color, and origins.

“The song is about someone who is finally speaking up (“Ahora tu escucha mi voz, ahora tu escucha mi ruido…”), and breaking the chains he built on himself, or that someone built on him. Everyone should feel safe while expressing himself, without fears, and facing traumas (“Porque adentro yo tengo un monstruo…”).

“Sometimes people need help, because they are into a black hole, in which is easy to experience depression, and live in the shadow. Any situation that leads you to hide and remain silent, must somehow be addressed, because no one should ever feel like this, without words, without truth, without a voice. We always have a soul that will make us react to our life, and being true to ourselves.”

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