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Last Planet Lose Themselves on Rousing Single ‘Whiskey Breath’

Oakland-based band gets lost and finds mercy on their latest soulfully tinged single.

Emerging with the intensity of a newfound passion and slowly burning between contemplation, Oakland’s Last Planet find themselves in limbo on their latest track “Whiskey Breath.”

Comprised of Cort Young, Albero Berul, Lucian Pixley, Ben Hicks, Lyman Jerome Alexander II, and lead vocalist and co-songwriter Rai Ahmed-Green, their single acts as their second of the year following up “Picture of Us” and continues their ambitious mission to release one single a month.

The rousing and seductive single harnesses the 6-piece’s musical technicality and sees the band in a state of allowance to be in the moment and simply get lost in their creation. Ahmed-Green’s vocals are at their most flexible and controlled. She knows when to carry a honey-eyed tune to the idea of temptation and equally an impassioned delivery amongst the psychedelic blues rock pulses or dim lit, smoke-filled aroma that is masterfully crafted by both guitar and saxophone.

And as “Whisky Breath” is one of seduction, peaking on their melodic hook, it’s also the in between moments of restraint and remorse. Best delivered on the track’s break, there’s a deeper modulation in percussion and overall rhythm. Featuring a dynamic volley of dual vocalists, this audio bubble teeters on a merciful aspect to one’s own whisky breath.

“We wrote this song about the feeling of losing yourself in the trance of a night out,” shares the band in a social media post. “We wanted to make this song feel like an intoxicating daze. In the choruses we’re singing about the mixed emotions and emptiness that frequently comes with these experiences. The bridge is an inner dialogue of shame and self-comfort.”

Additionally, the band has a monthly T-shirt raffle. To enter, text “Planet” to (510) 606-1318.

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