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Lo Artiz Makes Heartbreak Her Teacher on Sleek Single ‘Get By’

Los Angeles-based artist shares a smooth single from her upcoming sophomore LP.

Raised by Cuban American and Costa Rican American parents in Miami, Fl, and now based in Los Angeles, Lo Artiz shares a sleek bilingual track that embodies a bicoastal breeze and a newfound independence. Produced by DWEST, “get by” is a strong debut of the year for the artist and introduces listeners to Artiz’s upcoming sophomore album.

The sad girl, bedroom-pop undertones are butter against Artiz’s luxurious vocals. The inflection of confidence and acceptance of heartbreak moves comfortably between verses and the suave hook: “lately all I do is cry, but imma still get by.”

“Get By” maintains a silky R&B wash which acts as the silver lining amongst heartbreak and pain, instilling a new sense of worth in under two minutes. Despite the absorption of the laid-back frame of mind on the production, the track’s inner nature, and Artiz’s, is resilient and accepting of the pain. It’s an enlightened path to follow and takes the time to understand and identify feelings; creating a space of allowance and using the pain, not being used by it.

“During the time I wrote ‘Get By,’ I was heartbroken – crying nearly every hour on the hour, but still handling it with a lot of grace,” Lo Artiz says. “I wanted to provide a space for the listener to address their heartache and embrace it at the same time. With themes of betrayal, sensuality, and perseverance, I want my audience to know tears are okay and even heartache is okay. The only way out is through, and we have the choice to make heartbreak our teacher, or our captor. I choose to dance through the pain.”

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