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Grandfather Sage Returns with Tender Reimagining of ‘Esclavo y Amo’

The Los Angeles artist returns with a reimagining of a classic bolero and indication that new music is on the way.

The wisdom of Grandfather Sage comes at the refreshing sight of an individual not afraid to dream or evolve from life’s lessons. Since the 2021 release of The Wayward Traveler, we were introduced to a classic folk-rock side of the Los Angeles artist with standout tracks such as “Do You Still Remain?” and “The Seeker,” which are rightfully reintroduced upon the artist’s return. Though on “Esclavo y Amo” there is a vulnerability washed in the style of the romantic ballads of the ’70s that calls for an exciting new chapter ahead for the artist.

Richard Delgado — multi-instrumentalist and solo entity of GS — is charming on the single and embodies the power and submission struggle that stems from the track’s motive for a warm, loving delivery. Originally written by Mexican artist José Vaca Flores and recorded by Javier Solís in 1962, the artist’s cover strays away from the original mariachi instrumentation and utilizes the softness of vocals and dramatic melody to tell its story. It is refreshing to hear Delgado’s vocal range with the cover just the same.

As past releases prove, Delgado’s songwriting remains purposeful as is his production. Despite the latest single being a reimagining of a past release, Delgado’s own individuality still shines through. The arrangement of yesteryear, detailed layers of psych-pop, and deeply moving bass riffs all join for Delgado’s signature behavior of connectiveness — to himself, the earth, and his culture.

Delgado’s version presents more of a longing and simultaneously the infinite strength to take on the world. A fitting cover as the artist returns to the lab to create new music.

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