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Irene Diaz Is Awakened on ‘Lost’

Los Angeles artist Irene Diaz is free with desire on latest soulful pop track. Photo: Amanda Tapia

Irene Diaz is an artist who continues to grow with and through their music and it’s an elevating experience to witness the journey. On the Los Angeles’ artist latest track, “Lost,” Diaz shares a passionate open love letter of desire and wants against a soulful production and is awakened through the process. Written and produced by Diaz and her talented wife Carolyn Cardoza, the track’s devotion and control affirms that Diaz is in the era of liberation.

“Lost” emerges as a slow, electronic pulse that is patient with Diaz’s opening echoes and spoken word. Wrapped in a soulful production for a pristine listen with pop undertones, the track breathes life into Diaz’s adrenalized words. Diaz’s cadence is smooth yet stirring, sliding across the dreamy tempo with all the control in the world. With a rhythmic core that adds to the depth of the track, “Lost” is a textured adoration which embraces each sense.

As loving as the track is, “Lost” is a two-fold declaration of desire. Sensually it stands in the notion of lust for another person; the excitement and passionate thirst of being so in love you let yourself go in that love. And on the other end, through this firm declaration it is a liberating and desireful experience of oneself. The track is free from preconceived notions and is allowed to simply explore; there couldn’t be a better value of freedom in love.

Diaz may croon of being lost in love but has never been so in control of herself and we are excited for what the remaining year will bring.

Stream Lost on your favorite streaming platform HERE. Cover photo: Amanda Tapia

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