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Alien Tango Shares Prog Rock Single ‘Lemme Go’ Ahead of LP Release, ‘Kinda Happy, Kinda Sad’

The artist shares his third single from his upcoming LP due May 12, 2023.

London-based Spanish musician Alberto García, known by his stage name Alien Tango, shares his prog-rock single “Lemme Go” which recounts an attempt to break free from a partner who isn’t reading the failing relationship’s cues. The single release comes with news of the artist’s upcoming debut album Kinda Happy, Kinda Sad due May 12, 2023 via Ground Control/ Republic of Music, which is available to pre-order on yellow vinyl HERE.

“If we just had listened to each other, if we just had listened to Radiohead…” the holy couplet for a strong relationship blesses the distorted and blissful production. “Lemme Go” shares a bag of mixed messages through wit and awkward chemistry that reflects the unstable and dynamic arrangement. The track takes bold, bright electronic turns that are driven by signature psychedelic undertones and is balanced by a refreshing break featuring Spanish artist Anni B Sweet for a sweet, jazz inflection before rushing to a rambunctious final verse.

“One of the first songs I made for the album and a live favourite, ‘Lemme Go’ is a tune about a terrible Tinder date you are trying to run away from,” shares García. “When I started I really wanted to make a full-on heavy metal album but it somehow ended up being only this one song. It’s also loosely about when you are trying to break up a relationship with somebody who just doesn’t get the memo. It has a super mellow acoustic interlude featuring vocals by Spanish indie star Anni B Sweet.”

After a New York Times’ praise-worthy performance at SXSW and an LP on the way, García will be basking in the happier elements for the remainder of the year.

Pre-order Kinda Happy, Kinda Sad HERE.

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