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Support GUM, artists, and writers.

As we approach 9 years of GUM, a decision was made to continue the platform and the mission to share independent artists. But we can’t do this without our audience who we are grateful for knowing throughout the years.

Girl Underground Music is excited to launch our Patreon page and Venmo tip jar to continue independent music journalism and the space to share independent artists. Tiers start at $1 with the most committed at $25 a month, and of course you can name your price on Venmo.

Perks include: Variations of the GUM bag — which is a hand embroidered bag that contains GUM stickers and buttons, along with candy and other cool items; crotchet beanies; crochet cat beanies; exclusive mug and T-shirt provided by Patreon; and more.

Only through Patreon will GUM merch be available at this time to show appreciation. Access to items depend on the tier, but if a loyal subscriber pledges a $1 a month for the course of 5 months, you will be eligible to receive a GUM bag. Your loyalty will always be rewarded and appreciated regardless of your donation.

And of course, if you can’t pledge or donate, it’s ok! Continue to share the articles, music, and cat memes.

For more information please visit our Patreon page or the Support Page which provides more information on the work we’ve done and will continue to do.

Much love,

Girl Underground

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