Yasser Tejeda Celebrates Natural Beauty on ‘Tu Ere’ Bonita’

Dominican artist and producer celebrates women and their strength on latest track and video. Photo: Sullion Sang

New-York based Dominican artist and producer Yasser Tejeda shares his latest track “Tú Ere’ Bonita,” taken from his upcoming album, La Madrugá, due May 19, 2023 and celebrates women, their strength and natural beauty.

The track is a Dominican fusion, call-and-response declaration of a woman’s power. Rooted in the traditional styles of Dominican music and merengue, “Tú Ere’ Bonita” is vibrant as it is joyous, led by a rhythmic and jazz core that is at the heart of Dominican culture.

“I was inspired by a traditional chant of a style called Salve from San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic,” says Tejeda of the track. “It’s a historic genre and style that was adopted as tradition from our Afro-Dominican ancestry. The song is an affirmation of the beauty of women as lovers, caregivers, and caretakers and shows how a woman’s powerful strength is connected with nature; ocean, rivers, the moon, and the universe.”

The accompanying video continues to emphasize women’s natural strength and beauty, focusing on the discontinuation for “adjustment” to fit eurocentric standards. It’s a compelling moment of reflection, questioning one’s worth, and a firm grasp of power as told through the shift onscreen by Carmen Joselyn Morillo. The dancer is seen through meditative glances in the mirror before radiating on the dance floor alongside Tejeda’s words.

Video still of “Tú Ere’ Bonita”/ “Tengo Poder” (I have power)

The most powerful scene is the reversal of make-up by Morillo. Lines of contour that shape the nose thin fade away as do the lighter shades of concealer. Her smile lines are not a feature to be shamed for, but celebrated that there was so much joy that called for laughter.

This note is also not to shame women or anyone who utilizes make-up. It highlights the features that most BIPOC individuals — in this context, women — are shamed for and told to adjust to fit the eurocentric idea of beauty. In the same regard, it highlights those features’ beauty.

“Tú Ere’ Bonita” will surely be the mantra for all women as they take those long glances in the mirror and realize their power.

La Madruga Track List

1 – El Sol De La Madrugá

2 – En El Naranjo (feat. Vincente García)

3 – Universo Ancestral

4 – La Vereda (feat. Jonathan “Jblak” Troncosco)

5 – Tú Ere’ Bonita

6 – Amor Congo (feat. Bebo Dumont)

7 – Todo Va A Marchar

8 – Pa’ Sembrar (feat. Yaissa Jiménez)

9 – Pa’ Sembrar (Instrumental)

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