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Triangle Fire Exhilarate at Album Release Show with Box Dreams and Mineral King at The Paramount

Triangle Fire play to a full crowd for their 'The Cost of Things' album release show in Los Angeles. All photos by Justin Bieggar.

At the core of Triangle Fire’s latest release, The Cost of Things, is the call for the abundance to live and celebrate all the mores in life despite the static noise of simply surviving. A sentiment which they carried for their album release show Saturday night, March 4, 2023 at The Paramount with support from Box Dreams and Mineral King.

Triangle Fire plays to a packed room in Los Angeles, March 4, 2023. Photo: Justin Bieggar for GUM

Roberto del Raspado, Ian Rosales, Salvador Trejo, and Emilio Moyao were all smiles for their celebration and immediately captured the attention of the audience. Fans, friends, and family spilled into the crowd, packing the ballroom from every direction. The shapes of faces and backs, alongside voices, didn’t distract from the lush soundscapes which the band created.

Triangle Fire’s performance was sharp and vigorous with enough fluidity to charm through their demeanor. Unveiling tracks from The Cost of Things, they played the tracks as though they’ve been sung forever, with familiarity of an old friend but the excitement of a crowd giving them new life. Tracks such as “Seven Months of Rain” isolated admiration through the open love letter, as woozy riffs of older cuts like “Hype” taken from their 2018 album, Everything Works, brought excitement to the crowd.

Raspado’s harmonious and passionate vocals mixed with his expressive mannerisms equally invoked joy throughout the cool toned venue. The band moved from dynamically charged moments, classic guitar solos, full melodies, to tender and sweet notes which escalated the mood towards a warmer sound.

All smiles for Triangle Fire’s Emilio Moyao, Los Angeles, March 4, 2023. Photo: Justin Bieggar for GUM

Long Beach’s Box Dreams opened the night with their rhythmic and soulful presence. The 5-piece played with various textures and equally played to their audience with covers of Elton John’s “Benny And The Jets” to Sade’s “Smooth Operator” which called for vocals by Oli-J— a friend of the band who would be returning to Nashville and needed a proper send-off.

Box Dreams had bright, psychedelic grooves, funk, and smooth jazz cuts that met beautifully to the lounge atmosphere they created for the night. The band aren’t afraid to play with unique time signatures and tempo changes for a softer dosage of rock for a crowd to get lost in the heart of each track.

Box Dreams open the night March 4, 2023, Los Angeles. Photo: Justin Bieggar for GUM

Mineral King wrapped up the night and and the younger bucks brought an Americana rock baptized in an emotive, alternative cut likened to Southern Rock acts of the early 2000s without the drawl. The ensemble had a tough order to fill to close the venue and played with great fervor leaving nothing behind — with MK’s frontman tossing his glasses due to an out of body head bang — and showcased new tracks that are set for release this year. Explosive vocal moments richly ran rapid alongside the finer layers of the band’s timing, venturing from heartwarming sounds of folk to a rounded taste of indie rock.

Mineral King closes the night at The Paramount, March 4, 2023, Los Angeles. Photo: Justin Bieggar for GUM

Tucked in layers of redbrick and history, the iconic Boyle Heights ballroom venue held the conscious for the 3- bill show. The spacious upper deck of The Paramount’s ballroom was draped in violet, blue and green, rejuvenating the live music experience. And as refreshing was the atmosphere of like-minded showgoers, was the strength of the artists; all who held their own and became memorable in that regard.

More photos from the night below. All photos by Justin Bieggar.

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