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Aloud Announce New Album ‘Apollo 6’ and Share Latest Single ‘Meditation for the Housebound’

Aloud share their third single and a preview to their anticipated album available now to pre-order for vinyl, CD, and digital downloads. Photo: Tammie Valer

Aloud announce the arrival of their forthcoming album Apollo 6 set for release on May 19, 2023 via Lemon Merchant Records which is now available to pre-order for vinyl, CD, and digital download here. The album’s announcement is paired with the release of the LP’s third single, “Meditation for the Housebound,” and sets a tone of chosen hope to come on Apollo 6.

The Los Angeles-based band previewed the first look of the album with their dusty, Western-infused single “The Comeback Kid,” whereas its follow-up “Somewhere To Be” took a Britpop sound and a narrative of near total exhaustion to a charming place. The latest single not only continues the versatility of the band and their rich arrangements, but thematically with the mindset of working through barriers as told throughout the album.

“Meditation for the Housebound” is a psychedelia-rock mantra that calls on to the future. It’s grounded in warm tones, brass, and sound bites of a missed call to nature as cathedral chamber organ effects trickle downwards with Jen De la Osa’s vocals. Lyrically, there are shifts in perspectives that are mirrored in sound near the track’s resolution: “I imagine what would be/If we were standing by the sea/And I resolve my will to find/The peace within I must reside.” It’s an exciting turn for the band and a prime example of their constant refinement in delivery and their authenticity to their sound.

From it’s Mid-Century Modern cover art — beautifully executed to the time where story book line style and realism met to offer hope post-war — Apollo 6 shares similar values. Their psychedelic follow-up is vulnerable and now with three singles released Apollo 6 continues to take shape with the many changes from its conception and the future of possibilities.

“The album became the most self-expressive batch of songs we’ve ever written,” says De la Osa. “Almost every single one of them was written about something we went through during that pandemic time.”

In addition to the album’s announcement, Aloud shared details on what is included during the pre-order window, such as the Deluxe bundle that includes the bonus digital album, We Relay Light. The bonus album features tracks from Apollo 6 that didn’t make it onto the album, demos, and alternate versions. The band notes that the Deluxe bundle is exclusive to the pre-order period and won’t be available anywhere else.

The We Relay Light/Astronauts shirt, designed by Matt Jatkola, is also available for pre-order and won’t be continued after this window.

Pre-order Apollo 6 HERE, preferably on Bandcamp Friday (3/3/23) where 100% of the proceeds are given to the artist.

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