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Wires Excite on Lengthy Progressive Rock Treasure, ‘Phobos Y Deimos’ Ft. Mikaela Elson

Los Angeles-based unit share their almost 8-minute masterpiece ahead of their upcoming LP.

Wires continue to enrapture audiences with their latest single “Phobos Y Deimos” featuring Mikaela Elson. Having backed up Alejandro Aranda (Scarypoolparty) on tour throughout the U.S., Maxx Diaz, Andy Prado, and Travis Couch have now focused their energy into the new era of Wires.

Acting as their second single from their upcoming album The Golden Age due this July, and with a promised new single each month upon the LP’s release, the Los Angeles-based trio have refined their progressive and eclectic sound for an audio exemplification of what it’s like to attend one of their high throttled shows.

“Phobos Y Deimos” is a near 8-minute showstopper of orchestration. Simply put, it’s a beast. Opening already in motion, the boundless pace consumes the entirety of the track’s space. The band swim effortlessly among tempo switches, vibrant compositions, and intense theory that will have math-rock enthusiasts swooning.

Woozy guitar lines bite the brassiness that move toward each explosive verse. Followed by scuzzy riffs, demonized keys searching for light, and tight drumming that leave not an inch to fall off time, “Phobos Y Deimos” maintains a fresh demeanor; only to descend into harmonious bliss before once again bursting into glorious hooks.

Photo: Anica Tijerina

What seems to be taken from the names of Mars’ irregular shaped moons, the track sonically pulls from the moon’s asymmetry. On the other hand, the commanded attention and climatic, operatic echos can thematically trace back to the origin of the names based on the Greek Gods of personified fear, panic, and terror.

Despite the experimental noise clash, the composition is clean and speaks highly of the band’s fine tuning and conceptual delivery. It is a liberating release that rings true to the ethos of Wires and once again teasing what will be an exciting album.

The single acts as a strong follow-up to the already adored “Head Explodes.”

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