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Bed Signs Face the Past on ‘Tongue Shred’

Indie duo share their second single from their upcoming album 'Silver Lining Breakdown.'

Indie duo bed signs shared their second single “Tongue Shred” taken off their upcoming album Silver Lining Breakdown due March 24, 2023 via Mint City Records. On “Tongue Shred” the Charlotte, NC pair Casey Livingston and Chris Lonon explore a narrative of exhaustion and remorse tangled in beautiful symbolism. Featuring an accompanying visual companion, the video breaks this idea down into a form of acceptance, a part of the healing journey, and is the band’s first live-action video.

The track itself carries an unspoken weight that seeps from the slow and melodious cadence of Livingston, and only emerges when shredding the very tongue used to tell the story: “I’m done shredding my tongue/Running over sores that never heal/I’m done shredding my mind/Over what I can’t find in any.”

Placing emphasis on the weapon of choice, being one’s voice, the idea becomes a double-edged sword with the past as a mental cage. The video moves with the idea of a haunting past and internal mantras to overcome the notion of “the past.” Though, as hard as it must’ve been to compose those lines and face any ghost, I hope Livingston finds peace and shared comfort in these words that could be a catalyst of another’s healing journey.

“The idea runs somewhat ancillary to the song,” shares Livingston. “It’s based more on impressions of what the song means than what it actually means. ‘Tongue Shred’ is about a person on the verge of leaving their relationship at home and walking out that very night. What that really entails – leaving everything you know; your home, your spouse, maybe kids, your past, your identity; becoming a ghost in your own story. The idea was also that this is not necessarily a ‘bad’ or a ‘good’ thing – it just is – and every action has consequences and rewards. We shot it in just a few days and although it obviously doesn’t look like we spent millions on it, I’m proud of what we were able to accomplish.”

There are bright moments to the track contrasting the personal monologue as a way of hope. The dreamy production is akin to a pastel pallet; pop undertones with an alternative rhythm and a crisp snare delay which modernizes the track and makes for a clean listen.

As Lonon explains the track came together “naturally” and the first song written in a “backward” sense, where the music did not come first. “This song is the total opposite,” says Lonon. “I wrote and arranged all the music around Casey’s melodies and lyrics that she sent to me in an iPhone voice memo. The emotional rawness of that original iPhone recording is so cool that it made it onto the final track, juxtaposed against the studio recording.”

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