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Zohra Shares Video for Industrial Single ‘Look For Love’ Ahead of Solo Debut LP, ‘Murder In The Temple’

Zohra shares self-directed visual for latest single. Photo: Jasmine Hirst

Zohra, the solo project of Zohra Atash (of Azar Swan and Religious to Damn) shares her foreboding music video for her latest single “Look For Love” taken from the upcoming debut, Murder In The Temple set for release March 17, 2023 via American Dreams.

Flash Warning for those with photo and flash sensitivity

The self-directed visual extracts themes of loneliness against the backdrop of a lively night life and mirrors the quiet anxiety of the track through rapid time lapses.

As it utilizes the intimacy of being self-directed with a singular focal point and the aesthetics of yesteryear, the harmony with its sadness stay intact. The waves of moving lights that become scenery to the process of Zohra actually creating the video accentuates the solitude that comes with the creation more than the product itself.

The industrial cold taste of reality (“You look for love where it can’t hurt you”) is reflected in sight and sound as Zohra’s haunting vocals linger in accordance with the track’s steady heartbeat. The artist’s delivery borders on the edge of a whisper for the hurt echoed in a club, to the revolution of the damned and numbed set to the class of darkwave.

Zohra (Photo: Jasmine Hirst)

“I wanted to make a (hopefully) visually arresting video that captured the charged feeling of the city and partying and the night, and the accompanying solitude,” says Zohra. “I also wanted the process of making a video be part of the video itself.”

“I was inspired by old Radiohead and Regina Spektor videos. And some Carolee Schneemann for kicks. I filmed and edited everything myself, which I’m proud of and which nearly caused my brain to melt. And, if people want to read some stuff into the video about phones and filming oneself and loneliness and narcissism, that’s ok by me. But mainly I wanted it to feel dynamic and a little sad, just like going out (and staying in)!”

Murder In the Temple is out March 17, 2023 and is available to preorder now via American Dreams here.

1. “Discipline”
2. “Drones In A Sky Of Swallows”
3. “Hide Your Nature”
4. “Look For Love”
5. “Gospel Dirt”
6. “Black Box Disco”
7. “Murder In The Temple” (feat. Lydia Lunch)
8. “Empire Grave
9. “Split The Sea”
10. “We’re Burning”

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