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Kiana Corley’s Love is ‘Bottled Up’ on Latest Slow Burner

Los Angeles-based artist dives into the "hopelessness about finding love" on latest track.

Pennsylvania-raised and Los Angeles-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kiana Corley lets her walls down and shares a slow burn, akin to the search for love, on her latest single “bottled up.” Allowing herself to be in the moment of vulnerability, Corley’s heartsick, open love-letter presents the other half of love, also fitting for Valentine’s Day.

No stranger to penning songs for Pop, Soul, and R&B artists, Corley’s story telling abilities and natural design for memorable and empathic lines flourish on the track. Produced by Ethan Martin and co-arranged by Martin and Corley, “bottled up” swoons with Corley’s emotive cadence and the taste of early R&B, where slow and chill jams reigned supreme.

The track’s lyrics are vivid to the notion of invisibility, restriction, and yearning for so much more: “I don’t know why this never comes so easily/ Can I find the one to embrace every piece of me?” Each line patiently moves and are delivered by Corley’s multifaceted vocals which are gorgeous in their silvery tone.

The slow burn of the track melts into dreamy, bass grooves and iridescent keys that complement the story and Corley’s vocals sweetly. Pop undertones are extracted with contemporary layers which create a fuller, and more romantic sound. As the track shares love bottled up over time, the artist’s fear can now be put to rest: it’s out there and ready to be heard and loved.

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