Elly Kace Finds Comfort and Life on ‘Built to Die’

Brooklyn-based indie artist overcomes grief and regains the meaning to live on latest single and video. Photo: Shervin Lainez

There is poignant beauty in an expiration date on the physical plane that continues to comfort the human experience. Brooklyn-based artist Elly Kace explores this ideology and crafts a ceremonious piece from a point in grief to a grand, cinematic soundtrack of living to the fullest on the latest single and video for “Built to Die” premiering today on GUM.

Taken from the forthcoming album, Object Permanence, due March 31, 2023 via Bright Shiny Things, the album’s second single is restorative. Whereas “Disappear” danced between the meditative space of color and gray scales, “Built to Die” understands the cycle of the rose and blooms again in a renewed sense of color.

Kace, who is an acclaimed opera singer, producer, and overall myriad of talents across several mediums, paints from a canvas of pain. Everyone’s journey and process through grief is their own and should be respected as such, and with the invigorating and medicinal truth in knowing there is a universal finish line, we can feel the move towards the liberation of acceptance.

Pleated with the vibrancy of Kace’s vocals, the track’s operatic undertones calls on the image of a hero at the end of their journey. It’s delicate and emotionally charged in its production, building from an experimental pop arrangement. The electronic manipulation of sounds marries beautifully against Kace’s angelic inflection to the dreamy downpour of stillness.

On the visual companion, the artist is dressed in a bed of roses to what is typically seen in a final resting place. The artist’s allowance removes fear and refines the notion of death. It doesn’t mourn what will be, but celebrates all that was, is, and could be.

Among the artist’s floral silhouette flashes through the possibilities of what comes after and grapples with “this lovely lie” we tell each other. Though, with a tempo change is also the shift in perspective which holds the hope we will meet again.

Photo: Shervin Lainez

“‘Built to Die’ is the first song I wrote for this project,” shares Kace. “At the time I thought it would just be a single- but Object Permanence took over as the layers of my existential crises became more and more visible. I wrote this from a pretty resigned place in the aftermath of my ex’s suicide and grandfather’s passing due to COVID-19.

“The only thing that was making sense to me was that I knew we would all die. Everything would end. So why not enjoy life, enjoy the temporary nature of things, enjoy the love in absolutely every connection, everyday. But also, tinted with this ‘nothing matters’ color. I was looking at this difficulty we have around saying goodbye and if I even believed goodbyes are necessary considering humans use thirty percent of their brains and there are plenty of senses we have not developed.”

Despite the consciousness of the track, the final guitar strings and questioning brings the track to a full circle; the most human part is seen and is admired. Fitting for Valentine’s Day, Kace’s reminder to love is to go beyond today.

Elly Kace and her band will be performing at The Cutting Room in New York City, with Tatev, Jacob Khalil and The Sundots on Friday, February 17. Tickets are available for purchase here.

Kace’s sophomore album, Object Permanence, is due March 31, 2023 via Bright Shiny Things and can be pre-saved HERE.

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