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Sandflower Glows in Confidence on ‘Shake That Boom’ Video

Brooklyn-based artist exudes with confidence on her latest video. Photo courtesy of the artist.

“It must be jelly ’cause jam don’t shake like that.” A slang phrase dating back to the late ’30s that became one of the most beloved expressions as stated throughout pop culture from Mork and Mindy to RuPaul’s 2012 track “Peanut Butter.” And in line to continue to celebrate yourself and appreciate all things jelly, Brooklyn-based artist Sandflower shares the visual for her single “Shake That Boom (Cargo Room)” taken off her 2022 album, The Quantum Seed.

The multi-disciplinary artist has a knack for crafting memorable hooks and setting the mood with a composed aura. On “Shake That Boom” the artist illustrates her versatility between singing, rapping, and witty quips that fiercely lead each verse. Sending it to the dance floor with a signature pop sound from the 2000s to the likes of Gwen Stefani and The Pussycat Dolls, which makes sense considering David Sisko produced the track, “Shake That Boom” preaches to the self-empowerment choir and becomes the backdrop to any morning affirmation.

Art-pop meets millennium on the Sandflower directed video shot in Japan which illuminates the track’s mindset. The self-blessing embraces all curves and swerves, noting all car references. As uncomplicated as the concept is, this notion goes further from loving the skin you’re in to appreciate everything you’ve accomplished in a carefree expression.

On the video, Sandflower owns the streets of Tokyo through glamorous runway outfits and struts, silhouette dance scenes, and stripped down lively moments that you can’t help crack a smile alongside the drum line snare blasts. It’s a fun fusion of genres in company with a DIY-styled video that elevates an entire mood.

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