Lulu Robles Delicately Resists Being in Limbo on Acoustic Debut Single ‘Would You Mind?’

Emerging singer/songwriter debuts a sweet acoustic single.

Emerging Mexican artist Lulu Robles shared her first single this past January, “Would You Mind?” and passionately delivered an acoustic performance on her accompanying video. Featuring Robles with her words and guitar, the introduction is a beautiful look into Robles’ style and sound for future releases. Though, for a debut, Robles’ choice of vulnerability cleverly illuminates the artist’s storytelling and natural sense of relatability for listeners.

Stemmed from “frustration that comes when you don’t know where you’re standing with someone,” as explained by Robles, “Would you Mind?” seemed to gracefully put aside this grievance. The track serves as meditative space to work through the feelings of frustration towards clarity and peace, as delivered by the artist. While there may be a lingering wound in Robles’ tone, the genuine and melodious practical direction contributes to the artist’s maturity.

Robles’ tone and range are sweet and full of life. They move with the motions of emotions, shinning with excited inflections at the thought of fond memories to delicate harmonies, thick in confusion while staying in limbo of another. The cool-tone contrasts bright, vocal dulcets at moments and melt the hearts of all hopeless romantics.

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