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Bluphoria Go to Hell and Back on ‘Ain’t Got Me’

Psych-rock quartet bring soul and rock on their latest single ahead of full length debut due later this year.

Psych-rock ensemble Bluphoria share their newest single “Ain’t Got Me” and revel in a classic rock ‘n’ roll structure. Originally based out of Oregon and now Nashville transplants, the quartet — Reign LaFreniere, Dakota Landrum, Rex Wolf, and Dani Janae — simply radiate and leave listeners excited for their full-length debut due this year.

On the single, Bluphoria extract the soul of love with a simple structure that is brought to life with a vivacious blues rock delivery. LaFreniere’s vocals are thick with emotion and powerful; equal part sentimental and the making of a scorned lover you don’t want to cross paths again.

Garage rock undertones keep the track at a contemporary stance while the hook’s declaration clinches the frustration of the entanglement of a youthful relationship. Lines such as “I would go to hell and back for you” are tossed quietly, and at moments, exasperated. LaFreniere’s grasp of each line and delivery commands attention and it becomes a wonderful situation to sit back and take it all in.

Bluphoria: L-R: Dakota Landrum, Dani Janae, Reign LaFreniere, Rex Wolf Photo by: Jena Yannone

“‘Ain’t Got Me’ was one of the oldest Bluphoria songs I’ve written,” says LaFreniere. “It was one of those songs that made itself after I had the chords. It’s a bit of a nostalgia trip for me that I hope others can relate to.”

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