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Brianna Knight Pens Open Love Letter on Neo Soul Single ‘Holy’

The New York-based artist shares a striking and beautiful open love letter to her partner and equally meaningful representation.

Drenched in love and gratitude, R&B singer/songwriter Brianna Knight shares a glimpse of adoration towards her partner and the beauty of Black love on “Holy.”

On “Holy,” the artist isn’t shy to display affection or vulnerability, finding strength in these state of beings and beliefs. The production beams between a lustrous groove and Knight’s iridescent vocals, which are constantly fluid on the track. Knight bears vocal runs that are angelic, warm, and trusting, affirming her personal devotion.

Under 3 minutes, it is clear the artist carries the production. The two are a perfect match, but Knight’s delivery is magic. Knight embraces the thematic of yesteryear, but doesn’t date the track. On the topic of love, some things are just timeless, as Knight’s ambience confirms. Ending with a spoken word to the backdrop of Knight’s vocals, “Holy” captures deserved loved and an equally meaningful representation which is not often showed by the media.

Courtesy of the artist

“The song is inspired by my partner,” shares Knight. “Growing up around traumatic and abusive relationships made it difficult for me to have healthy connections. He showed me some people can be trusted as a safe haven, showing what true patience and kindness feels like. I want this song to serve as hope for Black love.”

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