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Nadu Maintains Self and Conjures Past Angst on Alt-Rock Single ‘What Kind Of Man’

Los Angeles-based artist shares second alt-rock single from upcoming LP, '16' due March 3, 2023.

Nader (Nadu) reprises a juvenile angst and confronts another in a moment of growth on his latest single “What Kind Of Man.” The Los Angeles-based Bangladeshi-American artist has been making peace with younger versions of himself and follows the 2022 single “Good to Me,” both taken off the artist’s upcoming LP, 16, due March 3, 2023.

Nadu’s musical approach up to this point has been pure surf and garage rock which can be appreciated on the beloved 2017 EP, Determinator. Though, with the preview of 16 on the first two singles, the artist is allowing an eclectic pallet to influence and tell pieces of the album’s story: a romantic not allowed to date and a musician not allowed an instrument.

With the sentiments of restraint, “What Kind Of Man” is the quintessential anthem of not only rebelling against such notions but ultimately, not settling. The arrangements initially emerged as a minimalist, but grow for a fuller sound at the helm of a brass-charged punch, thanks to horns and percussion.

The captivating hook takes hold of the reflective questioning and Nader’s husky tone lead you down an accelerated confrontation. “What Kind Of Man” doesn’t beg or recoil in the throes of young love’s confusion, but asserts during a moment of realizing one’s worth. Be it as a result of constant “chasing” and being strung along, the single embodies a proud moment of awareness; juxtaposed of the scattered and misdirected aggression to a confidence man and his coming-to-age moment.

Photo: Alexandra Kacha

“‘What Kind Of Man’ is the last chapter of a flirty back-and-forth relationship – and you’re declaring you are at the end of your rope,” explains Nader. “What do you do when your heart’s desire mocks your every silver lining? ‘What kind of man do you think I am?’ The chorus emphasizes crossed wires and expectations from the other person – a realization that if you have to completely change yourself for someone, you don’t want it.”

“What Kind Of Man” secures anticipation for the next chapter of the artist. Make sure to pre-order 16 here.

16 Track List

1. Goodbye
2. Backup
3. What Kind Of Man
4. Good To Me 
5. Heaven Or Hell
6. Play Pretend
7. Heavy Lifter
8. Semolina
9. End Of The Road
10. Inside Out
11. Rabbithole

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Cover photo: Monika Oliver

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