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Metal Postcard Records ‘New No York’ Compilation Featuring Neon Kittens, Salem Trials, Lucy & The Drill Holes, and clickBaiters

Sydney's independent record label shares lo-fi, post punk, and alternative acts.

Sydney’s record label, Metal Postcard Records, shares the 16-track compilation album New No York featuring lo-fi, post punk, and alternative acts for a very distinct soundscape.

Featuring Neon Kittens, Salem Trials, Lucy & The Drill Holes, and clickBaiters, ‘New No York’ embodies the independent scene. What seems to be curated by Andy Goz — who blesses several bands on this compilation — and friends, as well as produced by Nina K. of Neon Kittens and Goz, New No York reads as a underground burned CD that you pass to your closest friends. It bears individuality by each respective band, but together form a projection where post-punk and darkwave will lead.

Neon Kittens open the album with their 4-track sampling of disarray, modulated vocals and goth story time sessions. Charming in delivery and avant-garde in arrangement, of all the tracks “There’s a Zip at the Back” shines the most with punk ethos and a sax that you didn’t know you needed.

Salem Trials are the vets of the collection, originally formed in 1987 in Bradfork, UK, and becomes a solid introduction to the band for newer listeners. Songs such as “Military Minatures” focus on electronic textures and slacker, filtered vocals where as “Last Days of Europa” and “Hostage Swap” showcase their post and noise rock sound. Stay tuned for the release of their upcoming album due mid February.

Lucy & The Drill Holes caught attention for obvious reasons, as Lucy is a great name. The trio’s sound is astral tinted with outside friction and features Lucy, who is an occasional backing singer for Salem Trials. “A Mouse” is an industrial, fuzz dream whereas “Minute Eater” is an atmospheric experience that is the perfect backdrop for the apocalypse.

What is heard are songs that were recorded for a planned album that appears to be shelved, as stated on Bandcamp, “when Lucy started to have doubts about her vocal abilities and Andy started spending more time with the Kittens.”

“Interobang!” is a recommended track which is a short, livelier side to the ensemble and features a fun vocal delivery by Lucy.

ClickBaiters close the collection and simultaneously close the concept. They deliver raw, noisy, and more digestible experimental fusions. The distorted minute of “J’ai Raison et tu” is hypnotic and prepares for the band’s antics such as realizing you just got kicked in the balls on “Lousey Friend” with its layered guitar aggression and gnarled vocals.

All songs recorded at RoundTrees Studio during the Summer and Fall of 2022.

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